Our vision

We believe in the honest and fair application of (international) tax law. We are the trusted tax team for entrepreneurs and businesses. We put the interests of our clients above all else and deliver tailored tax solutions, as every entrepreneur and every business is unique. Our clients are in contact with our partner who knows you and your situation intimately and therefore needs little explanation to provide the services you need.

In addition, we are involved both academically and socially. We publish on tax topics of which we think they are relevant and our view does not need to be popular.

Our approach

We are an experienced and energetic team with a clear focus: (international) tax law. We are able to serve our clients effectively because they entrust us with their personal situation. We increase our clients’ returns by taking care of your tax concerns so that you can focus on your business. We’ll never deploy a large team — just the right man or woman for the job, always delivering high quality, creative and no-nonsense solutions.


As our client, you benefit from our combined experience as advisers with the ‘Big-4’ firms, renowned law firms and our experience in the academic field (education and publications). We swiftly asses your situation and are able to efficiently compose your bespoke ‘tax suit’.


From a relationship of trust with our clients, we are excellently positioned to anticipate on the impact of developments in (tax) law on your situation. This entails swift response and timely deferral of possible adverse consequences. We prefer to prevent problems over fixing them.

Bespoke solutions

Where multinationals often pursue more tax transparency, family business strongly adhere to their privacy. In our work we safeguard that privacy, but we are also equipped to deal with a desire of transparency.

Regardless: both situations require tax risk management and insight in optimization possibilities. In our services, we take into account the wishes and requirements of the enterprise, entrepreneur and stakeholders, whether it is the board of a multinational or the majority shareholder of a family owned business.