Taking care of your taxation

An entrepreneur is at liberty to choose the most optimal route from a tax perspective when setting up a structure. This route needs not only to be beneficial, but should also be robust. Whilst taxation is a matter between a taxpayer and the tax authorities, is negative publicity following his tax structure the last he wants. We are ready to assist you to set up your (inter-)national structure right the first time, but also to optimize your current structure. Of course, we are also the right firm for your day-to-day tax advisory.

(Inter-)national (re)structuring

A start-up can quickly be sold, negative press is undesirable and a cash flow through the multinational concern needs to be as efficient as possible. Or perhaps real estate is to be acquired or disposed of?

The right structure is ready for the future, with as little administrative burden as possible.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are intense and complex processes, both when acquiring and when selling. Once the decision is made, a lot of work needs to be done in little time. But also in the, often long, pre-phase numerous considerations and decisions are made. We would be pleased to be with you in the process, so you know that at the very least the tax aspects are covered.

Tax structuring of personal assets

Your assets should work for you, outside of the liability of the business. We implement the suitable tax structure, with an eye on the future of course.

Business succession

It is time for the next generation to take over. An intense process, which also entails a multitude of tax aspects. We are pleased to step in, so that you can focus on the transition to the new generation without concern (about tax matters).

Herreveld Van Sprundel & Partners can help advise you and implement the suitable structure. We would be pleased to elaborate on our services in a personal conversation. You can contact our specialised partners directly: